New Energy Farms (NEF) today announced their partnership in the USA sugar cane market to develop NEF CEEDSTM technology there.

Dr. Ryan Viator has been appointed the development partner for NEF CEEDSTM technology in Louisiana to develop the product for the 500,000 acres of sugarcane production in the state. Testing will commence this season in Louisiana to evaluate current varieties established as CEEDSTM.

Dr Viator is a leading US sugarcane expert who, for the last 5 years, has consulted throughout Louisiana on sugarcane and soybeans in addition to undertaking contract research on sugarcane, soybeans, and sorghum. Prior to working as a consultant, he worked for 10 years as a research agronomist and crop physiologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Ryan has a family background in sugarcane farming, and his family currently operates a sugarcane farm in the Teche region of Louisiana.

NEF developed and patented the CEEDSTM technology for the multiplication and planting of sugarcane crops worldwide. CEEDSTM are small coated propagules directly drilled in the field like conventional seed. The technology allows growers to move away from planting large tonnages of sugar stems or billets and instead precision plant sugar cane CEEDSTM propagules. NEF have already licensed CEEDSTM for commercial sugarcane use in other key sugarcane markets including Brazil, Central America, and Australia.

“NEF are extremely pleased to be working with somebody with the experience of Dr. Viator who is greatly respected by the sugarcane industry there” said Dr. Paul Carver, CEO of New Energy Farms.