The future has sprouted! 

NEF has licensed its patented artificial seed system (CEEDS) to Syngenta for the development of a sugarcane planting system in Brazil. The technology is featured as the cover article (The future has sprouted!) in the June edition of CanaOnline. In Brazil Syngenta are using the CEEDS technology to develop a planting product for sugarcane called Plene Emerald. The article reports on two recent demonstration events in Brazil were Syngenta hosted hundreds of sugarcane professionals.A PDF of the original article from with an english translation at the end of the document is available here, Cana Online 43_The future has sprouted

NEF contact details
Telephone (UK)  44 1672 513425

Further details on New Energy Farms (NEF)

New Energy Farms (NEF) has over 20 years experience of perennial energy grass production, developing solutions for crops for fuel, fibre, sugar and feed. These crops provide low cost high quality feedstock for a range of end markets. NEF technology (CEEDS) enables these crops to be established rapidly and cost effectively at scale. Further details on NEF are available at A PDF outlining NEF technology and services is available here, NEF_Feedstock Supply for your project.