New Energy Farms announces its partnership with Syngenta to develop and commercialize CEEDS technology on Sugarcane in Brazil.

New Energy Farms has been developing its unique CEEDSTM (Crop Expansion Encapsulation and Drilling System) technology since 2009 and have demonstrated it to be effective on a wide range of vegetatively propagated crops. CEEDSTM technology has addressed many of the key problems associated with the large scale planting of vegetative crops like sugar cane. The volume of planting material required per hectare is dramatically reduced creating significant cost, logistic and time savings, compared to conventional methods.

NEF has completed an exclusive licensing and collaboration agreement with Syngenta for CEEDSTM in Brazil. Syngenta will develop and commercialize NEF’s technology on sugarcane in Brazil, the world’s largest market for this important crop.

The Syngenta press release dated 23 July 2014 can be accessed via the following link.

Dr. Paul Carver, CEO of New Energy Farms, said ‘the license agreement with Syngenta creates a huge opportunity for both partners to introduce significant benefits to sugar cane growers and sugar and bioethanol producers in Brazil. We are excited about integrating the CEEDSTM technology into Syngenta’s established PLENE platform for sugar cane. It will introduce even more efficiencies and technical improvements to the millions of hectares of sugar cane planted in Brazil every year’.

The CEEDSTM development work was begun by Paul Carver and business partner Dean Tiessen, who died tragically in December of 2013. Dean, who was based at the New Energy Farms main facility in Ontario, Canada, was a pioneer in the agricultural industry and was instrumental in the development of the CEEDSTM technology. He has left a rich legacy. His passion, creativity, and persistence allowed him to find solutions that were not always evident to others. A true entrepreneur, he was also a trusted colleague and good friend, who will be missed by many people.

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