NEF provide livestock farmers with high yielding crops to grow your own feed, bedding and establish vegetative buffers on your farm.

The key points are,

  • Establish feed and bedding production on farm, using perennial crops
  • Significantly reduce the cost of feeding and bedding livestock.
  • NEF crops can produce 2-4 times more protein per acre than Alfalfa.
  • Up to 16t dry matter of feed per acre, grazing, green chop or silage.
  • Grow your own bedding, 3 times greater absorbency than wheat straw.
  • Effluent disposal and N run off mitigation using these same crops.

All crops supplied by NEF are established via our CEEDS system, which provides low cost, fully automatic precision drilling. Plantations of feed and or bedding crops established on farm for customers, further details on this system click here.

If you would like further details or a quote please contact us at the details below:

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425