Demonstration of leading technology from NEF for establishment of fuel, feed and fiber crops using CEEDS™ technology.

19th September 2013 – For farmers, end users and project developers requiring feedstock. A first opportunity to see the solution for utilizing the highest yielding crops for your project. Low cost precision establishment of Napier Grass, Miscanthus, Arundo donax and Sugarcane. Demonstration of breeding and establishment through to commercial use all on one site; showing 6MW biomass heating system, large scale dedicated energy crop field production, 50,000 tonne cubing facility, bio composite compounding, and nursery mulch/animal bedding processing, etc.

To attend pre-registration is required for catering please email or call 519 326 7293.

Registration deadline is September 6th, 2013.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know prior to the event.

There will be transportation arranged to tour around the different fields and facilities for demonstration.