NEF have recently established the first crops of Miscanthus for the University of Iowa Biomass project. The University plans to use as a renewable energy source for the campus power plant, as part of a plan for 40 percent renewable energy consumption.

Principal Engineer of Renewables, Ferman Milster

‘The plot of miscanthus will be planted on a farm near Muscatine, where the UI has a five-year rental agreement with a farmer. The hope is that within two or three years, the harvest of the plant from the test plot can be burned in the campus power plant as a renewable energy crop. The university also wants to contract with area farmers to grow more of the plant. We need thousands of acres of this”

The crop was established with NEF supplied rhizomes and internal automatic Miscanthus rhizome planters, images below. Any farmers or projects looking to establish Miscanthus please contact NEF, phone or email details below. NEF supply high quality low cost rhizomes of certified clones, and planting machinery from our production operations in the US (Georgia), Canada and the EU. All material is supplied free of any onward royalty payments or contracts, for use in either onward propagation or direct planting by the customer. For Spring 2013 in the US and Canada prices for rhizome material from $0.05 to 0.08 per unit ex site equating to $400 per acre for material upwards.

Further details on the Iowa Biomass project available here