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CEEDS Agenda 2013 & Images from NEF Open Day.

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Images from NEF Open Day

CEEDS Agenda 2013

NEF establishes Miscanthus crop for University of Iowa Biomass Project

NEF have recently established the first crops of Miscanthus for the University of Iowa Biomass project. The University plans to use as a renewable energy source for the campus power plant, as part of a plan for 40 percent renewable energy consumption.

Principal Engineer of Renewables, Ferman Milster

‘The plot of miscanthus will be planted on a farm near Muscatine, where the UI has a five-year rental agreement with a farmer. The hope is that within two or three years, the harvest of the plant from the test plot can be burned in the campus power plant as a renewable energy crop. The university also wants to contract with area farmers to grow more of the plant. We need thousands of acres of this”

The crop was established with NEF supplied rhizomes and internal automatic Miscanthus rhizome planters, images below. Any farmers or projects looking to establish Miscanthus please contact NEF, phone or email details below. NEF supply high quality low cost rhizomes of certified clones, and planting machinery from our production operations in the US (Georgia), Canada and the EU. All material is supplied free of any onward royalty payments or contracts, for use in either onward propagation or direct planting by the customer. For Spring 2013 in the US and Canada prices for rhizome material from $0.05 to 0.08 per unit ex site equating to $400 per acre for material upwards.

Further details on the Iowa Biomass project available here

For further details on NEF or a Miscanthus supply quote

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425

Rhizomes supplied in bulk or in bags of graded material 10,000 rhizomes each.

NEF Fully automatic rhizome planters 40 Acres per day

NEF Established Miscanthus crops

New Energy Farms Perennial biogas crop development

New Energy Farms (NEF) is working to develop the first perennial biogas crops. Inside a project with the University of Guelph and with Seacliff Energy the potential of new perennial crops for biogas (Anaerobic digestion) to generate renewable electricity is being assessed.

The University of Guelph at the Ridgetown campus combine research work on perennial feedstock crops with operating a 250 KW Anaerobic Digester as part of the Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy Sustainability (CARES).

Seacliff Energy operates a 1.6 MW Anaerobic Digester which turns thousands of tons of organic waste into of green electricity, heat to offset the cost and environmental impact of the adjacent greenhouses, as well as organic solid and liquid fertilizer by-products.

The project is evaluating the biogas yield of perennial biogas crops being developed by NEF. Biogas yield and quality is being tested by the University of Guelph with commercial assessments by Seacliff Energy. These include Arundo donax, Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and Cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum). These crops are bring brought to market using the NEF CEEDSTM system for establishing perennial crops.

Dedicated energy crops are a key component of established biogas markets, where they provide secure feedstock supply. The most established market for this is Germany where over 900,000 Ha (2.2 million acres) of energy crop maize was grown for biogas in 2012.

Perennial biogas crops can play a key role in this market in a number of ways. They provide higher yields per acre of feedstock, can be grown on non food quality land, and diversity the feedstock supply base. The initial work on these crops shows that biogas yields of >325 m-3 of biogas per dry matter tonne are possible. Combined with the high yields from the perennial crops biogas yields of over 9,000 m-3 Ha are achievable, higher than Maize. In addition being perennial feedstock can be supplied at different times of the year, to improve logistics of supply and digestate application. The work by NEF is also investigating biodiversity benefits of using multiple crops in the same field.

NEF will be establishing test areas of these crops for a number of biogas projects in North America in Spring 2014. Further interested customers are required who would like to evaluate these crops for their projects. If you would like to arrange this please contact us at the details below or speak to us about attending our Open day on the 19th September 2013 in Ontario to see these crops.

For further details about growing these crops or the open day please contact NEF.

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425


Watch the game changes in Agriculture video here on NEF:

The Seacliff energy 1.6 MW Anaerobic Digester facility, Ontario.

NEF Open Day reminder and Hot 50 Biofuel Companies nomination

Demonstration of leading technology from NEF for establishment of fuel, feed and fiber crops using CEEDS TM technology.

19th September 2013 – For farmers, end users and project developers requiring feedstock. A first opportunity to see the solution for utilizing the highest yielding crops for your project. CEEDS delivers low cost precision establishment of Napier Grass, Miscanthus, Arundo donax, Energy Cane and Sugarcane. Demonstration of breeding and establishment through to commercial use all on one site; showing 6MW biomass heating system, large scale dedicated energy crop field production, 50,000 tonne cubing facility and bio composite compounding.

Please email or call 519-326-7293 to register. Registration deadline is September 6, 2013.

Further details can be found on the following link:

Voting opens for 2013-2014 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy

In Florida, Biofuels Digest announced the official opening of voting for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy for 2013-14, and 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials for 2013-14.

In total, 98 companies were nominated in the Bioenergy competition, while 68 companies were nominated in Biobased Chemicals and Materials.

New Energy Farms has been nominated as one of the top 50 companies in the biofuels sector. Votes are being accepted until September 20, 2013. You can help us make the official top 50 by one of the following methods:

New Energy Farms Open day 2013 CEEDS™ demonstration

Demonstration of leading technology from NEF for establishment of fuel, feed and fiber crops using CEEDS™ technology.

19th September 2013 – For farmers, end users and project developers requiring feedstock. A first opportunity to see the solution for utilizing the highest yielding crops for your project. Low cost precision establishment of Napier Grass, Miscanthus, Arundo donax and Sugarcane. Demonstration of breeding and establishment through to commercial use all on one site; showing 6MW biomass heating system, large scale dedicated energy crop field production, 50,000 tonne cubing facility, bio composite compounding, and nursery mulch/animal bedding processing, etc.

To attend pre-registration is required for catering please email or call 519 326 7293.

Registration deadline is September 6th, 2013.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know prior to the event.

There will be transportation arranged to tour around the different fields and facilities for demonstration.


NEF CEEDS™ now available - Price competitive biofuel feedstocks

New Energy Farms (NEF) announces the commercial release of CEEDS™ technology, a major breakthrough in energy crop establishment following many years of development. CEEDS™ solves all the issues that have previously made it difficult to scale high yielding energy crops to produce price-competitive biofuel feedstocks. NEF have previously established commercial demonstrations of CEEDSTM, and will be supplying customers commercially for spring planting in 2014.

CEEDS™ (Crop, Expansion, Encapsulation and Delivery System), developed by NEF, is an ‘artificial seed’ technology for use with feedstock crops such as napier grass, sugar cane, energycane, Arundo donax and Miscanthus. These crops are amongst the highest yielding feedstock crops available, but typically cannot be established using conventional seed routes. They have always been established using standard vegetative propagation, which is difficult to scale up and only under very specific conditions can be very large scale, such as sugar cane. CEEDSTM technology is applicable to all energy grass crops supplied by NEF, with wider applications for other vegetatively propagated crops such as sugar cane, where it can be considerably cheaper and more convenient.

CEEDS™ planting units are encapsulated and coated pre-grown vegetative tissue, in a soilless medium, greenhouse grown for maximum health (images below). Each planting unit is about the size of a wine cork. They can be planted without hand labour at conventional drill rates, with either NEF equipment designed to establish in conventional, min till or no till situations or some existing onfarm planting equipment. Compared to current planting weights of energy crops in the range of 1 – 10 t/ha for Miscanthus to sugar cane respectively, CEEDS™ require a planted weight of less than 250kg/ha. This offers impressive savings in terms of logistics and ease of planting not previously available to these crops.

The CEEDS™ pilot production plant is located at Leamington, Ontario which is currently being expanded to meet market demand for North America. Further sites are planned in different geographical regions to meet demand. The range of crops for 2014 covers perennial grasses for ethanol, anaerobic digestion, thermal power, animal protein, sugar and fibre.

CEEDS™ technology permits past, present and future genetics to become marketable as clonal, true-to-type planting materials. It also provides a stable platform for future inclusion of GM traits. NEF’s own breeding programmes, together with other collaborators, will provide a continuous pipeline of significantly improved genetics. NEF are seeking further breeding partners with vegetative cultivars looking for a route to market.

Previous plantings of CEEDS™ have taken place in Ontario, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida with additional crop plantings planned this year in Louisiana. CEEDS™ will be available to customers in North America for Spring 2014. For supply outside these regions please contact NEF for availability. The CEEDS™ Open Day at Leamington, Ontario in September will feature napier grass, Arundo donax and Miscanthus, plus other crops all planted using CEEDS™ technology (to attend please pre register via the NEF website).

CEEDS™ Images (Please email us if you require high quality images of these)

Size comparison; CEEDS™ left (<20g each) and right typical planting propagule for vegetative crop (Arundo donax) >500g each. CEEDS has a planting weight in line with row crops of <250 kg Ha (220 Lb Acre) which is 20x less than some vegetative establishment options but produces more vigorous growth than the larger propagules

First Miscanthus based bio plastic products produced

The first commercial scale production facility for Miscanthus based bioplastic products has been successfully commissioned. This project is a collaboration between New Energy Farms (NEF) and Competitive Green Technologies in Leamington Ontario. The project has been featured in the Game Changers in Agriculture series, link below for video. This follows on from the featuring of NEF in the same series, video below.

Three years of research and development has now resulted in commercial application. The development of these products is based on the principle of fractionating the bale not the barrel, to extract fibers for multiple end uses including composite manufacture, fuel and animal bedding. The current site utilizes 30,000t of biomass per year for heating of 40 acres of glasshouse vegetables, with 2,000 Acres of Miscanthus established. This has been the vision of NEF and its partners, from the development of genetics, establishing large scale production, and the downstream processing and marketing, NEF is invested and active in all parts of the supply chain.

A range of consumer products has been developed. The first products are storage bins and plant containers, made from a blend of recycled plastic and high levels of Miscanthus fiber. The products have been produced under an IP based process that is unique and offers significant benefits to the consumer. The process allows products with high levels of plant fiber to be manufactured at the same speed as for using virgin plastic, which is unique. This provides products with less plastic to the customer at competitive prices. The first storage bins have been successfully test marketed at a national chain level. Expansion is planned utilizing this principle with further sites in the US and EU.

Watch the game changers in Agriculture video here on plastics and NEF.

NEF - CEEDS™ and crop breeding

Competitive Green Technologies

If you would like further details or a quote please contact us at the details below:

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425

NEF Exhibiting at Cereals 2013 – CEEDS™ and Biomass Direct™

NEF will be exhibiting at this years Cereals event in the UK between 12-13th June, Stand (4-C-439).

NEF will be showcasing different crop options such as Miscanthus, Arundo donax and others for Europe for heating, co-firing and anaerobic digestion (AD) end markets.

NEF is the only company with a range of perennial energy grasses, suitable for different countries and different end uses, and cost effective establishment and crop management, using our CEEDSTM and Biomass DirectTM Technologies

Click here for details on Cereals (

If you would like further details or a quote please contact us at the details below:

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425

New Feed and bedding crops from NEF

NEF provide livestock farmers with high yielding crops to grow your own feed, bedding and establish vegetative buffers on your farm.

The key points are,

  • Establish feed and bedding production on farm, using perennial crops
  • Significantly reduce the cost of feeding and bedding livestock.
  • NEF crops can produce 2-4 times more protein per acre than Alfalfa.
  • Up to 16t dry matter of feed per acre, grazing, green chop or silage.
  • Grow your own bedding, 3 times greater absorbency than wheat straw.
  • Effluent disposal and N run off mitigation using these same crops.

All crops supplied by NEF are established via our CEEDS system, which provides low cost, fully automatic precision drilling. Plantations of feed and or bedding crops established on farm for customers, further details on this system click here.

If you would like further details or a quote please contact us at the details below:

USA: 229 518 4233
Canada: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425

Feedstock supply for your project

New Energy Farms (NEF) provides a complete solution to sourcing biomass feedstock for your project.
We have extensive experience in commercial production of high yielding energy grasses.
Our crops are suitable for thermal, liquid and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) applications.
If your project needs a secure source of high quality feedstock then NEF can assist you

A detailed PDF guide to our services is available here.

NEF announce development of CEEDS™, the easy way to establish energy crops.

New Energy Farms (NEF) has developed a revolutionary new method of propagating energy grasses; this will reduce farmer establishment costs by 50% or more. Cost effective scaling of perennial energy grasses such as Miscanthus, Arundo donax and Energy cane has previously inhibited expansion.

NEF has addressed this problem and developed a new planting product for vegetative energy crops, CEEDSTM. These are small capsules that are established using automatic min till or no till planters, like seed. The process applies to a number of Energy grasses and is currently being evaluated by companies in the US and Canada. The existing range of NEF energy crops will be available in the CEEDSTM format commencing from 2013 to 2014 depending on the cultivar and region.

The focus was to make establishing vegetative energy crops as easy as other arable crops, to do this we started to look how to reverse engineer a seed, and the result was CEEDSTM , Dean Tiessen, President New Energy Farms.

CEEDSTM represents a step forward in energy crop establishment; that has been many years in the development, but solves all the issues that have previously made scaling energy crops difficult. Dr Paul Carver, CEO New Energy Farms. The CEEDS planting system works alongside the NEF energy crop plantation management system, Biomass DirectTM to provide a farm to end user service for our customers.

The main advantages of CEEDS are:

  • New cultivars can be bulked up to market volumes 3 times faster.
  • Establishment cost for crops like Miscanthus can be reduced by over 50%.
  • Min / No till, fully automatic precision planting (no planting staff required).
  • Substantially lower cost of planting, less ground cultivation.
  • Reduction by up to 80% in transport logistics for planting material.
  • Greater vigor after planting, more shoots produced.
  • This system delivers the maximum yield from a cultivar.
  • Makes planting energy grasses as simple as drilling conventional arable crops.

For further details on this project or the products produced please contact us:

North America: 519 326 7293
Europe: +0044 1672 513425

New Energy Farms to commercialize new Miscanthus cultivars.

New Energy Farms (NEF) has established an agreement with Performance Plants Inc. to commercialize new high yielding elite clones of Miscanthus energy crop. NEF have been evaluating new clones of Performance Plants’ Miscanthus to identify those with specific yield and quality characteristics that have commercial applications in the near term to meet the requirements of end users of the next 2-3 years. Already, interesting clones have been identified with improved yield and growth characteristics. Clones of interest are being bulked up and taken to market volumes with NEF’s proprietary propagation technology, with market expansion delivered via the IT system developed jointly between NEF and Muddy Boots. The clones developed are vegetative and sterile, to allow easy establishment and utilization.

NEF are using this model to bring a pipeline of new cultivars of energy crops to market from a range of genetics providers, delivering this rapidly with a secure means of generating onward royalty payments for plant breeders.

NEF supplies products and services to customers developing or operating biomass conversion facilities. These customers are typically utility or development companies who generate renewable electricity, heat, road fuels or industrial materials, using plant biomass as raw material. The crops supplied by NEF are energy crops; these have been specifically developed to produce fuel and industrial products not food. They are high yielding perennials; growing for over 10 years without replanting, that produce large volumes of clean biomass feedstock with a low energy and environmental footprint. The production of this feedstock can occur on lower quality or surplus land and consequently does not impact on food production. Studies in the EU and US have identified over 30 m Ha of land (75m Acres) is available for production of these crops without influencing food production.

Performance Plants Inc. is a global leader in discovery and development of second-generation agricultural biotechnologies. The company's patented technologies enhance plant productivity (including seed yield and plant biomass) and weatherproof food and non-food biofuel crops through periods of drought and heat stresses resulting in a more abundant, consistent and cost-effective harvests for farmers. The company has a robust gene discovery and technology evaluation pipeline, and has licensed multiple breakthrough technologies to many worlds’ leading seed companies. The privately-held Canadian company is headquartered with R&D facilities in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

A detailed PDF guide to our services is available here.

NEF developing low cost & scalable solution for establishing vegetative and seed based energy crops

New Energy Farms is developing a totally new system for establishing Miscanthus and other perennial energy crops, a development which is urgently required by the rapidly expanding market. The system under development from NEF is fundamentally cheaper than current vegetative options, produces the same vigorous growth as more expensive plug plants, but is as easy to drill as a seed. The system is also expected to reduce the time taken to first yield, and also overcomes many of the agronomy issues associated with seed establishment. It allows for the first time perennial energy crops to be automatically precision drilled like row crops, but at a fraction of the cost. The technique can be easily scaled up so large-scale projects requiring 50,000 Ha are easily implementable.

The system is applicable to both vegetative and seed based systems, using a new propagule system, which allows fully automatic drilling of the energy crop into min or even no till seed beds. Current systems for establishing Miscanthus are effective, but the scale of the forward market requires new solutions so they can be implemented faster, and potentially without grant support.

The system can also be used to rapidly propagate vegetative energy crops, in one 1/3 of the time of current options, which will allow new cultivars to enter the market more rapidly. The NEF system provides a solution for all three primary customers in the energy crop sector, genetics providers, farmers and end users. NEF are already working with one genetics provider of Miscanthus to utilize this system to bring a new cultivar to market, in a much shorter period of time than previously considered possible. The system is fully aligned to the NEF IT system under development with Muddy Boots[1] which will provide a completely vertically integrated biomass supply chain for agronomy, genetics royalty collection and trading to end users.