Ceeds™ – The easy way to establish energy crops

New Energy Farms (NEF) has developed a revolutionary new method of establishing energy grasses.

CEEDS is an artificial seed system applicable for a range of crops for fuel, feed and fiber including Miscanthus, Arundo Donax, Napier Grass, Energy Cane and Sugar Cane.

Cost effective scaling of perennial energy grasses has previously inhibited expansion in many markets.

NEF has addressed this problem and developed a new planting product for vegetative energy crops, CEEDS™.

These are small capsules that are established using automatic min till planters, like seed. CEEDS™ are available for Spring 2014 initially in the US and Canada.

The main advantages of CEEDS™ are:

  • New cultivars can be brought to market 3 times faster
  • Multiple planting windows possible.
  • Glasshouse produced, no soil, for high health.
  • Establishment cost substantially reduced.
  • Min till, fully automatic precision planting 40ac day +
  • Reduction by up to 80% in transport logistics for planting material.
  • Greater vigor after planting, more shoots produced.
  • This system delivers the maximum yield from a cultivar.
  • Makes planting as simple as drilling conventional arable crops.

Below shows crops planted by CEEDS™ (left) Rhizomes (right) after 90 days Increased vigor compared to rhizome and plug plants but a substantially smaller planting propagule via CEEDS.

The CEEDS themselves are produced under glasshouse conditions and consequently can be scheduled for any time of year under high health conditions.

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To Order

NEF are taking orders for the US and Canada for Spring 2014, and can discuss supply in other regions with prospective customers.

Leading clones are available of the following species,

  • Miscanthus
  • Arundo Donax
  • Napier Grass
  • Energy Cane
  • Sugar Cane
NEF can provide a quote for the supply of any sized project with the option for planting services.

For customers and projects wishing to evaluate the technology test packs are available for purchase.

For an immediate quote or further details please email or telephone NEF.

Telephone:001 519 326 7293
E-mail: sales@newenergyfarms.com