Dean Tiessen (President)

Dean Tiessen 1967 - 2013

Is the pioneer for Miscanthus in North America. The Tiessen Family of farms converted their 40 Acre glasshouse tomato operation to use 30,000 t of biomass, growing purpose grown energy crops.

Since then Dean has developed industry leading propagation systems for rapid multiplication of Miscanthus, and extensive relationships with genetics providers for new cultivars.

Dean speaks extensively in North America on Miscanthus use and in 2011 was awarded the Premiers Award for Agrifood Excellence for work on Miscanthus.

Dean Tiessen was tragically killed in December 2013, NEF continues the work and vision that he started.

Dr Paul Carver (CEO)

Has 15 years experience on Miscanthus development and commercialization.

For the last 9 years he has worked in Miscanthus commercialization in the EU, prior to that he worked on UK government funded research into energy crops.

He has extensive experience in commercial exploitation and usage of Miscanthus from propagation through to end use trading into energy.

Paul holds a PhD in Miscanthus physiology and production.