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New Energy Farms (NEF) has developed a new method of multipying and establishing energy grasses which as they are vegetatively propagated crops are currently multiplied and planted using rhizomes or stem cuttings, both of which are expensive procedures.

CEEDSTM is an ‘artificial seed’ system applicable for a range of crops for fuel, feed and fiber including Miscanthus, Arundo Donax, Napier Grass, Energy Cane and Sugar Cane.

Cost effective scaling up production of perennial energy grasses has previously inhibited expansion in many markets. NEF has addressed this problem and rather than seeking to create fertile seeded plants has developed a new planting product for vegetatively produced energy crops, CEEDS™.

CEEDSTM are primed plant tissue, encapsulated in growing medium which can contain growth promotors and crop protection products. They can be planted using conventional equipment or by using equipment developed by NEF to automate planting, even into min-till and no-till seedbeds.

The main advantages of CEEDS™ are:

  • Makes planting as simple as drilling conventional arable crops.
  • Part of the multiplication process is in a glasshouse or protected area which substantially reduces multiplication/production costs and ensures high health status.
  • Multiple planting windows are possible as CEEDSTM can be produced throughout the year in protected environments
  • Establishment costs can substantially reduced as planting weights can be reduced by up to 75% compared to conventional rhizomes or stem cuttings
  • Reductions of up to 80% in transport logistics for planting material.
  • Greater vigor after planting, more shoots produced.
  • Min till, fully automatic precision planters from NEF can plant more than16ha (40ac) per day
  • New cultivars can be brought to market 3 times faster as multiplication rates are dramatically increased.

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