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Biomass Direct™

Biomass Direct™

Biomass Direct™ is a software system that enables total traceability, sustainability and verification through the biomass supply chain.

Developed by New Energy Farms, in partnership with Muddy Boots, Biomass Direct™ provides a solution for industries sourcing biomass to generate electricity, heating and liquid fuels. In many regions, end users of biomass require full sustainability reporting for any biomass supplied.

Biomass Direct™ enables aggregators and end-users of biomass to have total confidence in their specific biomass supply chain, in particular those from energy crops. For energy crop growers, Biomass Direct™ provides on farm extension support for growing, managing and trading the biomass.

The system consists of three elements, which are all interactive and can also be used to address specific aspects of the supply chain.

  • Track and trace verification procedure with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) including full Greenhouse Gas calculation (GHG) of the biomass along the total supply chain.
  • GIS mapping capabilities to assist in biomass production and movement logistics. Allowing both pre project planning of potential biomass production capability, and ongoing yield prediction.
  • Provide plant breeders with a tool to track royalty income either from planted crop areas or end-use royalties.


  • End users – Confidence in traceability, security and sustainability of feedstock supply.
  • Biomass producers – Less paperwork, sell biomass directly to end users.
  • Crop breeders – Secure royalty collection.


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