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Bio Gas

BIO GAS (Anaerobic Digestion)

Biogas is one of the fastest growing areas of renewable energy generation. Europe has a very rapidly expanding AD sector, Germany leading the way with around 7,000 plants whereas the UK has around 200 operational and over 500 more planned. Estimates in the US are over 2,000 AD plants.

AD plants use proven and bankable technology that can be used for single farm AD plants or large scale projects. AD plants can use a wide variety of feedstocks but increasingly many operators are recognising that a large % inclusion of consistent dedicated crop biomass feedstock, such as from perennial energy grasses, can optimise production performance.

The resulting biogas can be used to generate electricity or used in road vehicles or piped directly to households as gas fuel.

NEF supply a range of perennial crops suitable for biogas production. Within any project that is using dedicated energy crops NEF can supply perennial feedstock crops that provide the following benefits.

  • High dry matter yield per ha
  • High biogas yield per tonne
  • Perennial production to remove annual establishment costs
  • Flexible harvest timing during the year to improve feedstock supply logistics.
  • Ability to cut more than once per year in warmer regions.
  • With flexible harvest timing comes the ability for multiple application times for digestate

NEF supply crops such as Arundo donax and Napier Grass for Anaerobic digestion use and recent studies suggest that Miscanthus may also be a very satisfactory candidate crop.

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