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Bio Ethanol


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have produced a global renewable energy roadmap (REmap 2030) and one of its impressive conclusions is that ‘ if the realisable potential of all renewable energy technologies beyond the business as usual are implemented, renewable energy could account for 36% of the global energy mix in 2030. This would be equal to a doubling of the global renewable energy share compared to 2010 levels.’
What is even more interesting is their comment that ‘By 2030, biomass could account for 60% of total final renewable energy use’ .

There is absolutely no doubt that the world will become more dependent upon renewable energy sources in the future and that biomass, either used directly or converted, will be an important player in that supply chain.

Globally the market for biofuels is predicted to be 23% of global demand between 2010 and 2030, reaching a requirement of 60 Billion Gallons. Mandated levels of production in markets such as the US (36 Billion gallons, 25% of US consumption) and the EU (7 Billion Gallons, 10% of consumption)are helping to drive this change mainly because it is recognised that biofuels have up to 80% less Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions compared to gasoline.

By using crops such as Napier grass over 1440 gallons of biofuel can be produced per acre based on current (2nd generation) conversion technology.

The successful production of this biofuel requires large volumes of feedstock, which combined with the enzymes
(used to convert the feedstock into fuel) compose the highest cost of production.

NEF has a competitive advantage as it supplies the highest yielding crops for the production of bioethanol or other advanced biofuels.
NEF has the unique ability, via the CEEDSTM technology, to supply crops such as Energy Cane, Napier Grass and Arundo Donax for biofuel projects.
These crops can deliver the cost effective feedstocks needed.

Yield of ethanol per acre from crops that NEF can supply compared to standard row crops is shown below.

New Energy Farms Bio Ethanol Market Chart

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