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Animal Feed

Animal Feed

NEF provide livestock farmers with high yielding crops to grow their own feed.
We utilize perennial grasses that can yield 2-4 times more protein per acre than crops such as Alfalfa.
Being perennial crops the production costs are reduced, with yields of up to 16t acre (39t/ha) dry matter achievable.

All crops supplied by NEF are established via our CEEDS™ system, which provides low cost, fully automatic precision drilling.

The main crop for this market is Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum). It is capable of producing 16t acre (39t/ha) dry matter yield, with >10% Protein and up to 50% digestibility. This is potentially double the yield of protein per acre than Alfalfa, up to 4 times if irrigated.
USDA bred cultivars are available from NEF including Merkeron and Mott.
Napier grass is suitable for grazing, green chop or silage production

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New Energy Farms Animal Feed

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