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Animal Bedding

Animal Bedding


Trumpet animal bedding is made from Miscanthus and is a clean, absorbent and odourless bedding, ideal for horses, cattle and poultry.

The stems of the Miscanthus crop are harvested each spring, the pithy interior of the stems giving Trumpet animal bedding its high absorbency.

The chopped stems are screened and pass through powerful dust extractors before being bagged, creating the ideal, dust free bedding.

The key features of Trumpet animal bedding, made from 100% Miscanthus are:

  • High levels of absorbency means longer replacement cycles
  • Dust free bedding avoids respiratory problems
  • Fewer bedding changes equals more value for money
  • Biodegradable, so easy to dispose of as a compost or mulch

Trumpet animal bedding can be used as a traditional stable bedding, deep fill bedding or on top of rubber matting.

It is both convenient and economical as it easily allows removal of wet patches and droppings.

Trumpet bedding is made on farm in the UK in partnership with Wadswick Farm Stores in Wiltshire where it is grown.

Trumpet is supplied from single bags available in the store to bulk orders with delivery, please contact for pricing.

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