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NEF are experts in the propagation of perennial energy grasses at large commercial scale, for fuel, fibre and animal feed end markets.

We have internal production facilities in the US, Canada and EU for field and glasshouse propagation.
These are the largest dedicated facilities in North America for energy crop propagation

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NEF supplies a range of different energy crop options to cover both different geographical regions and end uses. We have extensive experience in this area and have been working with these crops since 1995.

The dry feedstock crops such as Miscanthus are suitable for power generation (heat and electricity) but can also be utilized for ethanol production.

The intermediate and wet feedstock crops are more suited to applications such as ethanol production and Anaerobic Digestion (AD). They produce a higher moisture content biomass, but produce extremely high yields.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise is in perennial grasses; we supply grasses that fall into three categories as shown below.


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