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NEF’s partner building a global distribution network for energy crop fuel. GGEF has significant expertise in woody biomass resources and global distribution creating a sustainable, mass distribution and diverse global biomass supply chain primarily from the US Southeast.


University of Illinois – NEF are the commercial partner for the University for their Miscanthus breeding programme led by Dr Eric Sacs. As part of this program collections of Miscanthus germplasm from around the world (and in particular Asia) are being held at the NEF Facility in Leamington Ontario. At this location there are facilities for energy crop crossing, propagation and field evaluation.


WH Loxton Ltd – Manufactured the first automatic planting system for Miscanthus rhizomes, a system that established over 80% of the commercial crops in the EU. WHL are partners for Energy Crop Mechanization, led by Hugh Loxton, the MD.


Global Change Solutions LLC – GSC provides expertise for NEF in yield prediction and land use change impacts, for integration into the Biomass Direct IT system for crop management. There are two partners inside GSC, Evan DeLucia and Steve Long. Evan is the G. William Arends Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Steve Long is Gugtsell University Endowed Professor of Crop Sciences and of Plant Biology at the University of llinois and Deputy Director of the Berkeley-Illinois Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI). In 2007 he was invited to brief the President at the White House on bioenergy and the Vatican in 2008.


Standen Pearson – The Standen-Pearson products include bed formers, rotary tillers, soil separators, potato planters, toppers, potato harvesters, as well as machines for onion, carrot, red beet, swede, parsnip and turnip topping and harvesting. Many Standen-Pearson innovations are protected by worldwide patents. NEF work with Standen-Pearson on supply of Miscanthus specific cultivation equipment.


Muddy Boots – Established in 1996 is firmly rooted at the heart of farm I.T. in the UK. Muddy Boots supply a range of systems and applications which operate at every level in the supply chain, from grower to retail, and tackles issues such as quality and compliance within globalized supply chains. Current customers include Unilever, Ben and Jerry, and SQF. The current muddy boots systems for food chain management are directly analogous to those for biomass feedstock supply, they are a partner for NEF developing the Biomass Direct IT system based on their existing software platforms.

Environmentally Correct Concepts, Inc. (ECCI) – developed and patented practical climate change mitigation technology. ECCI is actively working to reduce greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. This is done using dedicated energy crops, market forces and voluntary programs to create and expand carbon sinks on both public and private land.

Lewis Taylor Farms

Operated by Bill Brim, Georgia Farmer of the year, Lewis Taylor Farms is a 4,000 acre vegetable farm, with 42 greenhouses. The greenhouses produce more than 100 million vegetable transplants annually and more than 15 million pine seedlings each year. LT farms are the commercial partners for NEF for energy crop propagation in the US

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