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Paul has over 20 years experience of the development and commercialization of energy grasses throughout North America and Europe and more recently in South America.

After completing his Doctorate, on the physiology and production of Miscanthus, Paul worked for a number of years in Government funded research into energy crops. In 2000 he entered the commercial renewable energy market and became involved in both crop research and the commercial introduction of energy crops, from grower level right through to end-user supply contract negotiation.

In 2009 Paul created New Energy Farms with Dean Tiessen, both of them sharing the vision that the slow progress in market penetration of biomass renewable energy cropping could be overcome, in the first instance, by addressing the costs and efficiencies of establishing the crops. Their vision developed the technology behind CEEDSTM.

Paul is based in the UK, at the NEF Marlborough office in Wiltshire, but also visits North and South America on a very regular basis.


Dr Mike Carver - New Energy Farms

Role of Technical Manager in New Energy Farms since 2010 involves research, patents, trademarking, project development and the development of track and trace and sustainability profiles for renewable biomass in the supply chain.

The previous experience (15 years) in the renewable sector was gained through being Chairman of a biomass energy business for 4 years and also Chairman of four supply chain Producer Groups, created to supply biomass to end – user companies.

He has a broader experience in the renewable energy sector, when he served for 3 years as the Industrial Mentor to the project ‘Mobilising the Long-term Potential of Bioenergy’, which was part of the ‘Towards Sustainable Energy Economy Programme (TSEC)’, funded by three UK Government Research Councils (EPSRC, ESRC and NERC) and at the time was the largest renewable energy project in the UK
Dr Carver has spent his whole career in agricultural R&D and technology transfer and was previously the Director of Arable Research Centres (ARC) and then The Arable Group (TAG) for 22 years.

DEAN TIESSEN 1967-2013


Dean was the pioneer for Energy crops, particularly Miscanthus, in North America. He spoke extensively in North America on Miscanthus, the development of New Energy Farms and the exciting possibility of a breakthrough in the understanding of how to make the multiplication and establishment of vegetatively produced energy crops less costly and more practical.

In 2011 Dean was awarded the Premiers Award for Agrifood Ecellence for his work on Miscanthus.

Demonstrating their enthusiasm for renewable energy, the Tiessen Family of farms converted their heating system on their 40 Acre glasshouse tomato operation to using 30,000 t/yr of biomass from purpose grown energy crops.

During 2012 and 2013 it became clear that NEF was indeed developing industry leading propagation systems for rapid multiplication of a range of energy grasses, and this exciting development, plus extensive relationships with genetics providers for access to new cultivars, was placing NEF in a pivotal position in the renewable energy sector.

Dean Tiessen was tragically killed in December 2013, NEF continues the work and vision that he started.

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