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New Energy Farms (NEF) develops technology for the commercialization of perennial energy grasses. These grasses cover some of the most important current and future crops in the renewable sector.
NEF have research and office facilities in Ontario (Canada), Georgia (US) and Wiltshire (UK). This range of research location allows NEF to develop and supply a range of grasses suited for the conditions found from cool through to tropical regions of the world and they will be available using the new NEF establishment technology of CEEDSTM.

Perennial grasses are very high yielding and have a strong environmental profile, with the ability to sequester carbon, improve soil structure and remediate land. However, the majority of perennial grasses of economic importance are vegetatively propagated. They are not produced from seeds but by root, rhizome or stem cuttings, which in some circumstances has significantly curtailed expansion of the cropping areas. NEF have over 20 years experience in perennial grasses, experiencing at first hand the difficulties and expense of establishing, on a large scale, vegetatively produced crops. It was these frustrations that focused NEF’s research activities on developing new technologies to try to establish these perennial grasses like row crops. As most of the important perennial grasses are sterile (they do not produce seeds) the challenge was to make vegetative propagation easier and cheaper, the NEF solution is CEEDSTM.

The market for energy crops in the EU and North America is expected to be up to 80 million acres. Demand for biomass is rising, as a source of feedstock for both energy uses, and also for industrial markets such as new fibre production. To scale to this level requires new solutions. NEF has developed new technology that is unique, and makes this possible. This provides a complete solution to establish, manage and trade large-scale plantations of energy crops cost effectively.









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