• CEEDS™ Exciting new technology for vegetatively produced crops
  • CEEDS™   A breakthrough in energy crop establishment
  • An establishment comparison rhizomes (left) and CEEDS™ (right)
  • CEEDS™ Demonstration plots
  • NEF germplasm collections of energy grasses


What we do

New Energy Farms (NEF) is an innovative company, dedicated to the introduction of new technologies into the renewable biomass feedstock and animal fodder sectors.

NEF is a vertically integrated business with operations from plant breeding, provision of planting material and new establishment techniques, through to consolidation of feedstock supplies for projects and full monitoring, including sustainability, of total feedstock supply chains.

NEF operates in the US, Canada, the EU and South America and NEF’s crops are suitable for thermal, liquid, Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and animal feed situations.

Two recent exciting introductions from NEF are CEEDSTM and Biomass DirectTM

 CEEDSTM is a technological breakthrough in the multiplication and planting of vegatatively propagated plant material. CEEDSTM consist of                carefully primed plant material, which is encapsulated and can be planted using conventional planting equipment and having the added                      advantage of being a vehicle to apply crop protection and growth promoting products during crop establishment.  


  Biomass DirectTM is a Track and Trace system, giving total transparency of the feedstock supply chain, with a unique sustainability tool embedded   in the package, giving GHG emission data at all stages through the supply chain.


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