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NEF is a technology company developing plantation
establishment systems for fuel, fibre and feed crops.


Products and Services

New Energy Farms is a vertically integrated business operating throughout the whole renewable biomass supply chain. Its operations cover plant breeding, provision of planting material and new establishment techniques, through to the consolidation of feedstock supplies for projects and full traceability monitoring, including sustainability, of total feedstock supply chains.<br /> The management of NEF has over 20 years of commercial and R&D experience with Miscanthus and other perennial energy grasses. It has been this detailed involvement with renewable feedstock supply chains for so many years that has been the driving force behind NEF’s determination to introduce new technologies to the industry.



CEEDSTM is a new multiplication and planting technology, developed by NEF, which is applicable for a range of fuel, feed and fiber crops including Sugar Cane,  Energy Cane, Arundo Donax, Napier Grass and Miscanthus.

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Miscanthus Rhizome Supply

The management of NEF has over 20 years commercial and R&D experience with Miscanthus supply to renewable energy projects in North America and the EU

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Project Development

NEF has assisted in the development of feedstock supply chains in numerous large scale projects and has excellent experience in project coordination which can be of great value during project planning stages.

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 New Energy Farms - Leamington - Energy Cane

Licensing NEF technology

CEEDS technology has been licensed to Syngenta for their sugar cane activities in Brazil. As CEEDS technology is applicable to a large number of vegetatively produced crops further opportunities for licensing will develop in the future.

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Energy Crop Breeding

Development of new cultivars is essential, to increase yield, expand geographic production areas and facilitate new end uses.NEF has extensive germplasm stocks of Miscanthus, Napier Grass, Energy cane and Arundo.

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 BioMass Direct from New Energy Farms Leamington

Biomass Direct

Biomass Direct is a software system that enables total traceability, sustainability and
verification through the biomass supply chain.

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Our Markets


Bio Ethanol

NEF has a competitive advantage as it supplies the highest yielding crops for the production of bioethanol or other advanced biofuels.

Electricity & Heat

Biomass feedstock is one of the main global sources of power, accounting for 14% of global primary energy.

Animal Feed

We utilize perennial grasses that can yield 2-4 times more protein per acre than crops such as Alfalfa.

Bio Gas

We supply a range of perennial crops suitable for bio gas production.

Cover Crops

We are a supplier of Miscanthus to be used as game cover.

Animal Bedding

Trumpet™ animal bedding is made from Miscanthus and is a clean, absorbent and odourless bedding, ideal for horses, cattle and poultry.


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